Tour 8 Class A Motorhomes at Tampa RV Supershow

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When we asked for your feedback on what type of RVs you wanted us to share with you from the Tampa RV Supershow, you told us you wanted to see pretty much everything!  But it was no surprise that about 50% of you wanted to see Class A motorhomes.

I guess it’s not surprising. We’ve owned a Class A motorhome since we hit the road in 2014. And are a very popular choice for those doing (or dreaming of) extended RV travel.  In this post and related video, we walk you through 8 Class A Motorhomes, from Tiffin, Newmar, and Winnebago.

Specific models include Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36UA, Tiffin Phaeton 40IH, Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OPP, a wheelchair accessible Winnebago Forza, Winnebago Horizon 42Q, Newmar Canyon Star 3927, Newmar Dutch Star 4002, and a Newmar Mountain Aire 4534.

Check out the video for a visual tour, and read on for more information.  We also have more content on the way with other luxury Class A coaches coming soon. 

Tiffin Open Road

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family owned company with a long and successful history of building Class A Motorhomes. You might remember that our first motorhome was a 2012 Tiffin 35QBA bunkhouse model that we converted the bunk area into an office.  This new Tiffin 36UA is the bunkhouse floor plan that replaced the 35QBA. 

The Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36UA is a 38-foot long gas powered class A motorhome with two slides.  The slide on the driver side is a full wall slide and creates a very roomy feel to the floor plan.  It has one and a half baths and has good use of space.  This model included the Tiffin ‘Spyder’ multiplex wiring system for central controls of lighting, climate control, tank capacities and even slide outs. 

The bunk area is versatile in that it includes a clothing rod for the upper bunk when not being used as a bad. It also flips up if more space is needed for large items.  The bunk space might still be able to be modified into office space but would need to look closely before saying that for sure. Other features that seemed new to us were larger windows in the cockpit area and a large window behind the kitchen counter. MSRP on this unit was $203,000 and was offered at the show for $173,000.

Tiffin Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton has consistently been one of the top-selling Class A motorhomes for many years. The 40IH was a new floor plan offering this year. Not all 40IH will have the same floor plan as the one shown because there are many different ways to reconfigure the living room furniture.  It is a one and a half bathroom, 41′ long coach.

One of the new features we saw on many Tiffins was a new, narrow horizontal window behind the kitchen counter. It let in a lot of light and views.  As beautiful as these windows are, one downside we see is that they don’t open. And it can be beneficial to be able to open a kitchen window for ventilation when cooking. See the video for a visual tour. MSRP on the unit at the show was $357,000 and the show price offered was $308,000

Tiffin Allegro Bus

This is a BIG project and we had a great team helping us. Many hands made quicker work.  Special thanks to

Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced

Winnebago has offered the special option to equip their motorhomes with enhanced accessibility for nearly 40 years. But this year they formally made them part of their regular product offering. Winnebago had three Accessibility Enhanced models offered at the Tampa RV Show in Class A type motorhomes. 

The entry level gas powered Intent, the gas powered Adventurer, and the diesel powered Forza.  Base MSRP on these units range from $202,000 – $341,000.  These units offer many thoughtful floor plan enhancements, not just easier entry and exit.  The expansion of this offering will certainly enhance the accessibility of the RV lifestyle.

Winnebago Horizon

Winnebago Horizon won RV of the Year in 2017 when we first took a tour of it at the RVIA Trade show in 2017.  More than a year later, the Horizon is still very groundbreaking in its styling.  There really isn’t anything else quite like it.  If you are looking for much more modern and contemporary styling in your Class A motorhome,  put the Winnebago Horizon on your list. 

There are only two floor plans (40A and 42Q).  Having covered the 40A in our RVIA footage last year. We had a closer look at the 42Q here at the Tampa show. It is a 43′ long coach with one and a half baths and front living room.  It has three slides, including a very large slide on the driver’s side. The bold contemporary styling can be a bit polarizing.  We really like it, but it isn’t for everyone. 

Beyond the styling, the 42Q had some innovative design features. We liked a hidden trash area in the kitchen that is also accessible from the outside.  But they also had a couple of less well thought out design ideas like the doors for the rear laundry machines that make doing and accessing your laundry very awkward

(Correction/update… I believe this hinge is supposed to allow the door to slide into the cabinet, thus allowing access. But I somehow missed that, or the cabinet door might have not been working correctly when I was there). Click here to see the related video. MSRP on this unit was $488,000 but was offered at $350,000 at the show.

Newmar Canyon Star

With very few historical exceptions, Newmar exclusively builds Class A motorhomes. They offer 3 different trim levels in their Gas powered Class A motorhomes with a combined total of 25 floor plans. We walked through many at the show, but chose to share the Canyon Star 3927 Toy-hauler model in our post and video.

It is a 39′ long coach including the 10′ long garage space which included a drop down bed and foldable benches.  The coach has two slides, two door entries, and of course a rear loading ramp for your toys.  Main living space is compressed to allow space for the garage, but is still quite livable. Base MSRP on the Newmar Canyon Star is $172,000.  There was no advertised show price on this unit.

Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar offers 8 different levels and a huge range of floor plans in their diesel Class A motorhomes ranging from base MSRP of $244K to $935K. This includes their 4 luxury lines that range from $581 – $935.  The Newmar Dutch Star MSRP starts at $371,750. But keep in mind that Newmar offers a lot of a la carte option pricing that can add up. 

The 4002 floor plan that we walk you through in this video had three slides and one and a half baths.  Unique to Newmar, some trim levels (including the Dutch Star) can be built on your choice of Freightliner or Spartan chassis.  Being a 40′ long tag axle one might think that basement storage space would be very limited. But we were impressed with how much basement space there was. 

Having a tag axle chassis at this length, one would also expect enormous cargo weight capacity. It delivers more than 10,000 pounds.  Another feature that we love on some of the Newmar diesel coaches are their flush tile floors in their slides instead of using carpet to cover up the gaps. It is a very nice look, and some even offer heated tile floors in the slide-out section. See the video for a visual tour.

Newmar Mountain Aire

The Newmar Mountain Aire we walked through at this Tampa RV Show had a number of new features as well.  Our favorite innovation in this coach was the new recirculating water feature in the shower.  When you first turn on the water, the water recirculates in the system until it reaches a warm temperature for your shower. 

This would significantly reduce wasting water waiting for the water to heat up, and would be especially valuable when not hooked up to a full hook up site. The floor plan we walked through had a huge and beautiful kitchen space, a front living room and one and a half bath.  Base MSRP on the Newmar Mountain Aire is $581,000, and can climb up with a large list of options.  None of the Newmar coaches we saw at the show had advertised show prices.  

There were, of course, many more brands, sizes and styles of Class A motorhomes at the show. But these were the ones that people who responded to our survey seemed to be most interested in. More Class A’s on the way, from the luxury manufacturers.

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How did you enjoy this video tour – anything catch your eye?

Are you shopping for a Class A? What brands and models are grabbing your attention? Do you already own one? What do you have and how do you like it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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