Touring 8 Class B Motorhomes at Florida RV Supershow

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Downsizing is in! We’ve been getting a ton of requests to show Class B Motorhomes and vans from the 2020 Florida RV Supershow, so in this video, we take you on a tour through 8 Class B’s – from  Pleasureway, Coach House, LeisureTravel and Roadtrek. Many of these nifty and nimble RVs are making great use of the more compact space, with a few new design innovations that streamline tiny living on the road. Read on for more.

Not all of the RVs featured at the show shared the MSRP or sale prices of the units, so we had to do a few Google searches. And we couldn’t find anything on the new Roadtrek Haven at all. Here is a summary of the Class B motorhomes featured in our video tour, with some notable highlights


Ascent TS

The Pleasure-way Ascent TS offers very pleasant light colors and mid tone cabinetry. The appliances are accessible (a plus for petite people like Julie) and it offers the versatile Lagun table we’ve been seeing in many RVs this year, that swivels around, up and down to offer multiple positions.  Very comfortable with good quality fit and finishes, a Truma system for consistent hot water, and technologies including a digital display, plus an Eco-smart lithium battery. This nice, nimble unit has an MSRP around $142,000, the show price was $120,000.  Click to watch our video tour.

Plateau XLTS

This Pleasure-way Plateau XLTS is on Mercedes Sprinter chassis with a wide body. Very nice, light, bright colors and European styling, a large bathroom with separate shower, good storage and a sofa that folds down for sleeping. This MSRP on this unit is around $158,000 and the sale price at the show was around $133K. Click to watch our video tour.

Coach House

Platinum XL

We had never heard of Coach House before the Florida RV Supershow and were intrigued to check out the Coach House Platinum XL. It’s build with a single molded fiberglass shell, built on Ford chassis, with a single slide. Impressively, it uses a murphy bed style sofa that transforms into a full size queen bed. This makes the motorhome living area very spacious, and you don’t lose the window behind the sofa as you would with an actual murphy bed.

Very pleasant light interior styling, and a Lagun table which offers versatility for dining and working. It also has a separate dining area / workspace, large kitchen and deep counter space. and good storage. This RV also has central touchpad control panels. Coach House sells direct to the consumer from their Florida-based factory, and their motorhomes range in price from $150K – 200K. Watch our video tour here.

Update: Since writing this original post, we have also done a factory tour at Coach House and met with the owner and other staff multiple times.  We are impressed by Coach House


The Coach House Arriva V24TV is a nimble unit that comes with a twin bed, and rear bath that looks out through the rear hatch door – offering a loo with a view, providing you’re parked somewhere scenic and private! There’s also a handy drop-down desk for flexible work/ dining space and good use of storage. The Arriva uses the multiplex firefly system to control systems and electronics – even from your smart phone. Depending on how it’s optioned, the MSRP on the Arriva is around $151,000. Click here to watch our video tour.

Leisure Travel

Wonder 24RTB

The LeisureTravel Wonder W24RTB is a wide body Class B + motorhome on a Ford Transit chassis, with no slide out rooms but it seems taller than many other Class B’s we’ve seen. A unique feature is the two single beds at the rear, with a drop down wooden support that enables you to push the mattresses together to become a king size bed.

It has a functional Laguna table (that we’ve been seeing a lot) as well as a front seating area for versatile eating and working options. It also has a flip down kitchen counter extension for extra food prep space. There’s also a separate shower and toilet, appliances are nice and easy to access, plus there is a huge storage bay in the outside rear for carrying extra gear. Like so many of the RVs we saw at the show, this unit has multiplex wiring to enable a centralized digital contour panel. MSRP on this unit is around $130K and had a show special advertised at $125K. Click here to watch our video tour.

Update: We have toured many LTV motorhomes over the years and have been continually impressed

This is a Leisure Travel Serenity with a wide body on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Again, lovely and contemporary interior and dinette seating up front with a multi-functional and adjustable Lagun table. It has an electric foldout couch at the rear that becomes a large sleeping area. And the kitchen counter has a handy, inbuilt trash container to keep your trash and scraps neatly hidden away. This unit was showing an MSRP of $156K and a sale price of $152K. Click here to watch our video tour.


Roadtrek Adventurous XL

Note: Near the end of the RV show there was a significant news announcement about Roadtrek, and the company is not currently in a stable position, so we would not recommend considering a new Roadtrek at this time.

This Roadtrek Adventurous XL edition offers 4 seats for family getaways and adventures. It has a modern interior, wet bath, and lots of storage. The small fridge and high countertop would be challenging for the vertically challenged. Two tables can mount front and rear for eating/working purposes. Pricing was not shown at the show, however an online search revealed an MSRP of around $140,000. Click here to watch our video tour.

Note: Near the end of the RV show there was a significant news announcement about Roadtrek, and the company is not currently in a stable position, so we would not recommend considering a new Roadtrek at this time.

The brand new Roadtrek Haven is the first Ford transit model under the Roadtrek brand, making its debut at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa. The Haven has been designed with a modern, contemporary flair, and plenty of storage and counter space. However, the fridge has a latch at the top which makes it difficult for shorter people. The Haven offers lots of glass and windows to allow in the light and the views. Being a brand new unit, we were unable to find the MSRP at the show in in an online search. Hopefully this will be available very soon. Click here to watch our video tour.

While we love our current RV – our 40′ Country Coach – and have no plans to change any time soon, after spending so much time inside all these RVs at the RV Supershow, we can definitely see the appeal of smaller and more compact living. Who knows, maybe for shorter travels, we might try a Class B for a change?

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How did you enjoy this video tour – anything catch your eye?

Are you shopping for a Class B motorhome? What brands and models are grabbing your attention? Do you already own one? What do you have and how do you like it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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