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We’ve had loads of requests to take a peek inside our motorhome and get a sense of the space we are now living in and working from full-time while we travel. So we put together this interactive, virtual tour so you can take a look around, with a 360 view of the living space and main workspace/office, plus a 180 view of the bedroom. You will see that we have converted what was previously a bunkhouse (separate area with twin bunk beds) into a dedicated office for Marc to work from, complete with excellent ergonomics and the ability to literally ‘close off’ the space at the end of each day. When I’m not working outside or at a local Starbucks or other local cafe, I (Julie) work from the front passenger seat which has a comfortable chair, spacious dash and pullout laptop desk. This, coupled with our technology solutions, is what enables us to be digital nomads and live, as we like to say, “global and mobile”. So far, it’s all working out great for both of us! As for Coda, you’ll see that her space is anywhere she lays down – like on the rug at the end of the bed – you’ll catch a glimpse of her snoozing away in the virtual tour. Finally, sending a big THANK YOU and shout out to our dear friend Gabriela Gjurekovec of Denver, CO who took these beautiful photos of our rig. You can check out her website and more of her work (real estate virtual tours, Google Business View tours and personal portraits/head shots) at GabrielaGPhotography.com, Click here to view the interactive, virtual tour ViewGallery_motorhome_feature Use your mouse to move the interactive tour (left or right) of the living area, office and bedroom. When you are finished with a virtual tour view, just click the right arrow in the bottom left corner to keep the tour moving ahead. Click here to view the Photo Gallery ViewGallery_motorhome_feature Click here to view the virtual tour on YouTube (not interactive)
We’d love to hear your questions, comments and feedback, so feel free to share them in the comments section at the bottom of this post. To learn more about why we chose this particular coach model, check out our blog post “How we chose our RV”. Update 2019: This was our first coach.  A few years into our travels we purchased a different coach and did a substantial renovation on it in our Ultimate RV Makeover Series © RVLove.com

6 thoughts on “Take a virtual tour of our home on wheels”

  1. Looks like you do not have the washer/dryer. Do you deliberately choose that or was that just how your rig came? How often do you end up stopping at laundromats?

    • We do not have a washer/dryer. We made a list of our must-haves and nice-to-haves and that wasn’t mandatory for us! It was more important for us to have the office space for Marc (the bunkhouse) than the washer/dryer. We have plenty of closet space in our coach so brought most of our clothes with us – I usually do the laundry every 2-3 weeks (3, 4 or sometimes 5 loads) in the laundromats within the campgrounds. They have multiple machines so I can often run all the machines simultaneously – as long as they are available and I’m not hogging them all (not good etiquette). Have never had to use a laundromat outside of a campground yet. Cost usually runs $1.50-1.75 a load for washer (in TT) and $1.25 for dryer (in TT) – so all up, about $9-12 each time, depending on how many loads I do – sometimes I can combine 2 washer loads into 1 dryer if they aren’t big loads. I have met other people who LOVE having a washer/dryer on board and wouldn’t have it any other way – they tend to be people who have a particular “way” they like to do their laundry and do a little every day or other day. I have also met people who do have a washer/dryer on board but still end up using campground laundries for bigger loads, as the ones inside rigs are usually small and take longer….all depends on which way you like to do laundry. I am happy to get it all over and done with every 2 weeks or so and not think about it in between 🙂

    • Awesome Gary! We love ours. Being the 2014 yours has even more bells and whistles I am sure! One thing we truly appreciate about Tiffin is their build quality and their after service. Even though we are the third owner of our coach, Tiffin has been fantastic with advice on repairs. So far we are very impressed. Enjoy your rig and travels!


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