It’s known by many names  – dry camping, boondocking, free camping and wild camping – so we’ve rounded up all posts related to ‘camping without hookups’ here. Whether you’re parked on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) for a couple of weeks, spending the night in a Walmart parking lot during a long cross country drive, or pulling up at a truck stop, you’ll find all of our posts and experiences here.

The Solar Eclipse from the Path of Totality in Madras, Oregon

When we first heard about the Total Solar Eclipse from our RVing friends Mitch and Val of RV Lucky or What, we just knew we had to be there. To be honest, we really didn’t know much about eclipses or what to expect, but Val’s excitement – as an astronomer and science writer – was contagious. It sounded

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9 months on the road + our big news

On March 19, we hit the 9 month milestone of living, working and traveling full-time in our RV! We filmed our latest video update during a hike at beautiful Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. While the backdrop is stunning, the downside of filming outdoors was having to deal with a few unpredictable elements such as some wind noise in the

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29 Tips for Successful Boondocking

We learned a lot during our first boondocking experience in Arizona which took us to Yuma, Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City over 9 days. So we pulled together 29 tips and tricks that helped us, working with what we had. That means… no solar, no composting toilet, no fancy stuff. We just made the most of our RV “as is” from the manufacturer. Of course, we know

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Boondocking Recap: Usage and Costs

Now that we’ve completed our first big boondocking trip, let’s look at our usage and overall costs as we finally get the answers to many of the questions we had before we started! Questions like…How many gallons of water did we use? How many days did it last us? How many hours did we put on the

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Boondocking Misadventures in Lake Havasu

  Days 8–9: Lake Havasu. On Friday afternoon, we left Quartzsite for the final stretch of our boondocking adventure in Lake Havasu – which we now refer to as Lake Havoc-su, after the challenges and the breakdown we encountered there. No, it wasn’t the best way to end our first boondocking adventure, but we made the

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Boondocking Adventure Part 3: Quartzsite, AZ

Part 3 of our boondocking adventure continues in Quartzsite, Arizona where we got a taste of the town that is famous for attracting the largest gathering of RVers in the world. We dropped in to see what it’s all about and ended up discovering two very unusual highlights. All will be revealed – literally – in this post

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Boondocking Adventure Part 2: Yuma, Arizona

Our first boondocking adventure continues here in Part 2. Join us as we find a free place to park near Yuma, Arizona where we can run our generator during the day without annoying anyone. Plus, we get answers to some questions and concerns as shared in Part 1, like whether we’d feel lonely or isolated. Serendipity is alive and well in the desert

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Virgin Boondocking Adventure Part 1: Prep

After 8 months on the road staying mostly in campgrounds with full hook-ups (electricity, water and sewer) we decided it was time to mix things up and try a stint of boondocking. Also known as dry camping, free camping or wild camping, boondocking is basically camping without hook-ups. The idea of being able to camp “off-the-grid” (OTG), immerse ourselves fully into

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A night on the farm with Harvest Hosts

When it comes to unique and memorable stays, we fondly remember our night at Giusti Farm in Robbins, California. If you read last week’s blog post which introduced you to our Thousand Trails campground membership, you’d have learned a bit about how we manage to travel and live so affordably. Another program we recognized the value in joining was

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