This page covers everything related to Thousand Trails (TT) camping memberships, which we’ve written a lot about as this is how we mostly camp because it makes this lifestyle so much more affordable for us. We started our RV Lifestyle with a 2-for-1 TT Zone Camping Pass which worked well for the first few months. When we realized we wanted to slow our travels down, enjoy longer stays in one place and more flexibility while still camping affordably (of course), we began researching our options for a TT membership upgrade. It opened a can of worms, as we began learning about the many different options available – both direct from TT and also on the resale market. It can be confusing territory and after two months of intensive research, number crunching and lengthy discussions, we learned how to find the best deals and options out there then wrote a few in depth blog posts to help others save a ton of time and money too. These are by far our most popular posts and the ones we get the most “thank you” emails about. We hope you find them useful and that they save you a ton of money too.

Review: TT Thunderbird RV Resort, Monroe, WA

Thunderbird RV Resort is located near Monroe Washington. It is your typical campground with fire rings, picnic tables, and trees. For more detail about the specifics of this RV park, sites, and amenities – including pros and cons – read on. Location The nearest large...

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Review: Mesa Spirit RV Resort, Mesa, AZ (Encore/TC)

Winter in the Phoenix area is fantastic. The weather is warm and dry, which makes it easy to understand why this city attracts so many people here from the northern states and Canada. We spent multiple months of our 2018 winter and early spring in the Phoenix area and...

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Review: Suni Sands RV Resort Yuma, AZ (Encore/TC)

  We stayed at Suni Sands RV Resort in Yuma, AZ for two days in January to break up two weeks of boondocking in the Arizona and extreme southern California deserts, with the Xscapers group. Although our stay was short and sweet, we managed to scout the place out and...

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Review: Valley Vista RV Park, Benson, AZ (Encore/TC)

  We were excited to reach sunny and warm Benson Arizona and the Valley Vista RV Park. We narrowly escaping some unseasonably cold weather in San Antonio at our campsite at Medina Lake RV Resort.  For more detail and specifics of Valley Vista RV park, sites, and...

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Review: Portland Fairview RV Park

    Portland Fairview RV Park, as the name implies is in a suburb of Portland called Fairview. The roads into the area are excellent, and is very easy to access just a couple blocks off of Interstate 84. Though future visits will be $20/night for us because of our...

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Review: Tall Chief RV Resort, Fall City, WA

We recently spent a very enjoyable few days at Tall Chief RV Resort and Campground in Fall City, Washington, about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle. It's an Encore RV park that is part of the Trails Collection launched by Thousand Trails in August. The RV campground...

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