Any kind of change can be scary. And when you’re considering leaving a traditional life behind – one that society deems as ‘acceptable’ – to hit the road and live a more nomadic kind of life, there may be some who think you’ve gone mad. Every time we try to step outside of the norm to follow our hearts and our dreams, there are bound to be naysayers. Don’t let them hold you back. Your soul is calling you. The open road is calling you. The first step is always the hardest, yet when you read the stories of others who have gone before you, it will show you that this life is not only possible, but truly enriching… and once you’ve stepped into it, you won’t look back. The stories below will inspire you to keep your dream alive and take the next steps to make it happen.

And We Are Officially Published! Our Book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” is Available at Book Sellers around the Country

Well, the big day has finally arrived! The day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. The official publish date of our book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road”. If you’ve already pre-ordered, your print copies should be hitting your doorstep (or mailbox) today! If you pre-ordered digitally, it’s probably already

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Our Secret’s Out! And It’s Coming to a Bookstore Near You This Fall 🙂 We have news! Big, exciting, “dance-worthy” news! And yes, we’re finally allowed to share it! If you’ve been wondering why we’ve been so quiet lately, and especially if you saw the fun/silly dancing video that we shared on social media back in February, it’s because of this. Drum roll please….brrrrrrrr………We wrote a book! But

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The Solar Eclipse from the Path of Totality in Madras, Oregon

When we first heard about the Total Solar Eclipse from our RVing friends Mitch and Val of RV Lucky or What, we just knew we had to be there. To be honest, we really didn’t know much about eclipses or what to expect, but Val’s excitement – as an astronomer and science writer – was contagious. It sounded

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Grand Canyon North Rim, AZ – September 2016

How 3 Years of Full-Time RVing Changed Us for the Better

It’s our 3 years on-the-road-i-versary! It’s surreal to think back to this day in 2014, as we waved goodbye to our Colorado townhome and drove off into the sunset with our RV and MINI in tow, as we headed north to Wyoming en route to our first destination – Lake Tahoe, California. We had left behind our suburban

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We’re full-time RVers who have traveled to all 50 USA states over the past 6 years, sharing our journey and learnings along the way. We want to help YOU hit the road and live your RV dreams too.

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