Ahhh, life on the road. It can be so different for everyone. Here, we share some of our experiences to give you a taste of what it can entail – from adjusting to the lifestyle, to making new friends, to preparing a big holiday feast in our RV kitchen, to how we handled a royal RV GPS fail at night in the rain. We give you a taste of our farm stay in California, take you along for the ride on our first boondocking adventure in the desert, and share our costs, including water, and fuel usage. We also share some of our campground stays, and recap on our experiences on the road and what we’ve learned over the years. We share the experiences of others, so you can learn from what works for them as well. There is no one size fits all, when it comes to RVing!

2014 Travel Infographic with fun facts and stats

We’ve been tracking some fun and random facts, figures and stats about our travels throughout 2014 and thought it would be cool to share them with you in this infographic. From the number of miles traveled in the coach and the MINI to the number of campgrounds, border crossings, countries, states we’ve visited and more, we think

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Keeping the Love in RVLove #1: Hearty Brekkie

When you’re traveling, living and working together in a small space 24/7 like we are, your relationship is bound to be affected in one way or another – for better or for worse. We’re both strong believers in the idea that what you focus your attention and intention on is the thing that tends to grow and flourish the most,

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Subzero temps and snow for Christmas!

We hadn’t planned on going home to Colorado for Christmas. A typical rocky mountain winter means snow, icy roads and sub zero temps which can freeze up your RV pipes and result in a costly repair. We’d intended to stay in sunny California then make our way back to Colorado in the Spring. Of course, the best laid plans can change in a heartbeat. A

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6 months on the road: Our 4 Biggest Changes

We’ve officially been living and working from the road in our motorhome for 6 months! It’s amazing how the time has flown by and how much has happened. Just a few months after our 3 months on the road progress update. We sat down at our campground in beautiful Palm Springs, CA to share the

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What we are most Thankful for

We tend to be pretty reflective and grateful about our lives on a daily basis, but as this is our first Thanksgiving on the road in our RV, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts on how we plan to celebrate, what we’re most thankful for, our favorite Thanksgiving foods and whether or not we plan to shop on Black Friday!

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A Tribute to Coda and her Wonderful Life

This is without doubt the most difficult post we’ve ever had to write. We’ve always been aware that this blog and the journey we’ve undertaken is not simply one of travel and adventure, but an inner journey toward more growth, joy, self awareness and letting go. While we have been tested in all these areas over the past five

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Rocking Halloween 80s style + Bloopers

Halloween is Marc’s favorite holiday, so every year we dress up, go out and always have a blast.This year, we left the rock star tour bus back at the campground and headed downtown to Cloverdale, CA to grab some beers, meet the locals and rally up some new fans as our alter egos – A.T. Rocker (aka Marc) promoting

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Recipe: Amazing Pumpkin Spice Pancakes (GF)

As many of you may know, I (Julie) am very fortunate in that Marc loves to make us a special breakfast every weekend. His speciality is the “hearty” breakfast which includes very delicious heart-shaped pancakes (gluten-free) and this past month – being fall and pumpkin season – we took the pancakes up a notch. By adding some pumpkin and spices

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A night on the farm with Harvest Hosts

When it comes to unique and memorable stays, we fondly remember our night at Giusti Farm in Robbins, California. If you read last week’s blog post which introduced you to our Thousand Trails campground membership, you’d have learned a bit about how we manage to travel and live so affordably. Another program we recognized the value in joining was

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