10 Easy DIY RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Love your RV, but not happy with your RV bathroom? Have you wanted to make your rig’s bathroom look and function better while updating an older look?

Not sure what to do or where to start? Here are some easy and low-cost ideas for DIY RV bathroom renovation and upgrades you can do!

Out with the old, in with the new! Installation was indeed a breeze. We removed the original tiny sink, and mounted the new vessel-style sink in the same vanity cut-out.

RV Bathroom Renovation #1: Sink and Faucet

I found several nice, bright designs of self-adhesive wallpaper at Lowes Home Improvement. They were the HGTV Property Brothers’ Scott Living brand of peel and stick wallpaper and would work well for our RV bathroom makeover.

RV Bathroom Renovation #2: Walls

Since we added the new, brighter wallpaper, we decided to replace the factory “backsplash decal” with something to better match the new wallpaper. We found a faux tile type of self-adhesive backsplash, again at Lowes.

RV Bathroom Renovation #3: Backsplash

RV Bathroom Renovation #4: Storage

Storage for miscellaneous items in any RV is a challenge. The RV bathroom is no exception. We had a strip of four shoe storage pockets left over from a bedroom storage hack that we repurposed in the bathroom.

I’m not sure where I got this idea, but we love it! I used decorative art window cling film between the inner and outer layers of our RV shower skylight.

RV Bathroom Renovation #5: Skylight

The Stomberg-Carlson extendable shower curtain rod is awesome! The rod extends the curtain out an additional eight or so inches, which makes showering and drying much easier.

RV Bathroom Renovation #6: Shower Rod and Curtain

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