29 Tips for Successful Boondocking

We learned a lot during our first boondocking experience in Arizona, staying in Yuma, Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City over 9 days. And we’ve learned even more over the past 9 years!

So we pulled together 29 handy dry camping tips and tricks that helped us, working with what we had.

Preparing and freezing meals or making salads ahead of time means there are less dishes to wash up, making it easier and allowing more time to relax and enjoy.

Pre-plan your meals

When you warm your meals in a saucepan on the propane stove or cook on the BBQ, it also means no noisy generator!

Cook with gas

Buy or take separate jugs of drinking water to save the water in your fresh tank for washing and showering.

Pre-wash fruits and vegetables while still at a campground (with water hookups) just before you leave for your boondocking adventure.

Use paper towels to wipe dirty plates and dishes down first after using. This make them much easier to wash and uses less water.

Limit your dishwashing to once per day. One sink load of dirty dishes per day is more water efficient.

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