All About Thousand Trails In Florida: 40+ Campgrounds

Photo: Thousand Trails

Florida is a desirable state for RVing, especially in winter. And with so many RVers looking for ways to camp affordably, Thousand Trails parks are a popular option.

There are over 40 campgrounds and RV parks within the Thousand Trails camping network. Let’s get you up to speed on all things Thousand Trails in Florida, and make your Florida trip planning easier.

Regular Thousand Trails campgrounds These RV parks are available with all membership levels, including the Zone Camping Pass – Southeast Zone.

Types of Thousand Trails Campgrounds in Florida

Thousand Trails Encore RV resorts These are only available to members who have also purchased one of the Trails Collection add-ons.

Photo: Thousand Trails

Destination campgrounds There are three of these in Florida, and dozens nationwide. It is NOT currently included with any Thousand Trails memberships. To stay at these properties, you would need to pay the regular retail rate.

Photo: Thousand Trails

Orlando RV Resort in Clermont, Florida

The Three Regular Thousand Trails Parks in Florida

Often called TTO for short, is probably the most popular Thousand Trails RV resort in Florida. It is also the biggest, with over 1,000 campsites.

This is a popular park within the Thousand Trails Florida network. Located alongside a river, the property has about 460 RV sites, but about half of them are prone to flooding.

Peace River RV and Camping Resort in Wauchula, Florida

Photo: Thousand Trails

This is the smallest of the three TT properties with just under 200 RV sites. It is located near the famous Florida community ‘The Villages’.

Three Flags RV Campground in Wildwood, Florida

Photo: Thousand Trails

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