Beachfront RV Camping Near Ventura California

Does the Ventura Beach camping reality live up to the hype? It seems almost everyone dreams about camping by the beach. We’ve seen rave reviews about beachfront RV camping near Ventura, California.

So on our recent trip up the California coast, we decided to find out for ourselves: is it really worth it?

The Rincon Parkway campground is just outside of Faria Beach Park, running a total of about one mile north. Rincon Parkway sites are parallel parking along the shoulder of Highway 1.

Location of Faria Beach Park & Rincon Parkway

The primary attraction of staying here is beachfront RV camping. Ventura, California, is a cool little oceanfront town popular with surfers and swimmers.

Area Attractions

The bathhouse seemed clean enough, with hot showers and a restroom with flush toilets. There is also an outside shower for rinsing off the ocean sand and salt.

Amenities at Faria Beach Park Campground

-Access to the beach and ocean for swimming and surfing -Beautiful sunsets, views, and sounds of crashing waves -About 15 beachfront RV camping sites at Faria Park have full hookups


-Crashing waves and salty ocean spray on your RV (corrosive) -Very high theft crime rate means lock things away -Tightly packed campsites -Noisy with close proximity to other campers


The full hook-up sites during  Off-season rates are $60–63 a night plus fees. During peak season, rates are $40–45 for no hookup sites, and $65–67 for full hookups.

Nightly Rates for Beachfront RV Camping Near Ventura California

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