Bend Sunriver RV Campground, OR Review

In August, 2017, we spent 3 weeks at the Thousand Trails Bend Sunriver RV Campground. It was our first visit and we really enjoyed our stay. The RV park is located just south of the resort town of Sunriver.

Camping about 30 minutes south of Bend, Oregon. It is your typical campground with fire rings, picnic tables, and trees.

Though the name starts with Bend, the campground is actually much closer to Sunriver. The RV park is 30 minutes south of Bend. But the campground is just a few minutes south of Sunriver.

Location of Bend-Sunriver RV Campground

Sunriver is a resort/vacation community filled with amenities like grocery stores, fuel, restaurants, breweries and many many tourist activities. The area is surrounded by miles of beautiful Oregon forest, and you can see snow covered mountains in the distance.

There are many lakes to paddle, trails to hike and bike, and scenic drives in the area, including the Cascade Scenic Byway where you can visit many lakes. We enjoyed a leisurely hour drive to Elk Lake for an afternoon of kayaking.

Area Attractions in Bend and Sunriver

Sunriver has one of the nicest bike trail systems we have seen in all of our travels. We heard it cost $11 million dollars to build. The trails are super smooth, level and interconnect the entire resort town. For more advanced cyclists, there are beautiful, scenic roads nearby, most of which had a decent shoulder.

This Bend Sunriver RV campground has a ‘Town Square’ with a Welcome Center, General Store, book exchange, propane filling station, movie rentals, and a meeting room.

Amenities at Bend-Sunriver RV Campground

The town square is built to look like an old western town with wooden boardwalks and rustic buildings. Inside the main family lodge there is a dining/meeting hall, which serves breakfast on the weekends. We were told it was good but didn’t eat there.

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