Blix Vika+ Flex Folding Ebike Review

Ebikes are hotter than ever, and with so many new features available, we recently upgraded and added two new Blix ebikes to our fleet. I (Julie) upgraded to the new Blix Vika+ Flex electric bike.

In our in-depth review, we share the specs, range, and features of the Blix Vika+ Flex. And we answer the question: is this really the best value e-bike?

There are many reasons we chose the Blix Vika+ in 2018. These remain the same for this newer model. To clarify, this is primarily Julie’s e-bike, but Marc also enjoys riding it occasionally.

Because I am only 4’8” in height, I REALLY love the super low 16” step-through height. This makes it very easy for me to mount and dismount. Folding bikes actually have a lot of flexibility in matching the rider size.

For instance, the Blix Vika+ Flex can accommodate riders up to 6’2” tall and still be comfortable for me at under 5 feet. Yet, it is comfortable for Marc, at 5’8″, to ride, too.

I like the smaller 20” wheels and compact size of this folding bike. And I really appreciate the Swedish design and styling of the Vika+ Flex, which is aesthetically pleasing.

The ability to fold the Blix Vika+ Flex is another huge benefit for us, as we like the versatility of how to transport it. When folded, it is only 36” x 21” x 28.5”.

This allows us to easily put it in the back of our Jeep, behind the rear seats. We could probably fit two of these behind the seats in our Jeep Cherokee.

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