Buying a New RV Mattress  Tips plus a 10% Discount

Our RV is 5 years old now and so was our RV mattress! Our RV came with the upgraded mattress option. But it was still the original one from our RV manufacturer.

As you might expect, most RV mattresses are not as high quality as the ones we typically buy for our beds in a regular home. But as full-time RVers, this IS our regular home. So having a supportive and comfortable bed is really important.

-We want a good quality brand that will last for at least 5 years of continual use -A good protective cover to prevent dust or allergies should be standard

What's important to us in an RV mattress

Our custom made, full queen size mattress with organic cotton cover (we ordered the Luxury) ended up coming in at just under $500.

Custom making our RV mattress

-Base layer: 5.5 inch soy based high density foam for support -Air flow layer: convolute foam layer that allows air to enter/exit the sides of the bed -Top layer: one inch 4 pound quality gel memory foam

What's in our RV mattress and why it matters

– All of these foam layers are then glued together in their factory using an environmentally friendly, water based adhesive – Cover: The mattress has an organic cotton zippered and removable cover – Total thickness: 8 inches (but you can order as thick as 11.5 inches)

This provides an escape for the heat and moisture that build up in a mattress while sleeping – and thus prevents mold or mildew forming.

Optional extra: AireFlow moisture barrier

Look for the CertiPur-Us certification (an independent US-based lab), to ensure there is no mercury or lead, low VOCs.

Tips for mattresses shopping, health and safety

Whether you call, email or place an order direct via their website use the code RVLOVE and you will SAVE 10% on your purchase!


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