CarGenerator and Your Vehicle Can Power Home, RV, Emergency

We delve into how a car generator works, its advantages over solar and gas generators, and why it has become a popular choice among RVers, car campers, and homeowners alike.

Whether for everyday use, or emergencies. Let’s explore the world of car generators and discover the benefits and possibilities of unlocking this simple yet powerful new level of power supply, from your vehicle!

Acting as an electronic power-converting tool, a car generator harnesses the electric energy produced by your vehicle and converts it into usable electricity.

What Is A Car Generator?

It’s amazingly simple: - Start your engine - Hookup CarGenerator  - You have power for up to 80 hours.

How does a CarGenerator work?

As long as the watts are within the rating of your CarGenerator (in this case, the AW1000 model, which has 1,000 watts), the list of what you can power is endless.

What can you charge with a CarGenerator?

Car generators make the most of your vehicle’s existing engine, fuel tank, and power-generating potential.

Benefits of CarGenerator Vs Gas Generator

Car generators are solely electronic. So they can easily be stored away and are ready at any moment with zero maintenance, and modern vehicle engines are easier to start and automatically adjust for altitude.


The most popular car generator (the AW1000) only weighs 11 pounds and is compact in size. It’s the size of a small backpack and easy to handle.

Lightweight, portable, and easy to transport inside

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