We’re changing to a truck and trailer.  Here’s why.

Traveling around North America in motorhomes for almost a decade has been an amazing way to travel. But in the world of RVing, unexpected opportunities often call us to embrace change and venture into new territories.

So when we recently stumbled upon a big, burly Ford F250 truck, it was the kind of rare find that called for a change in travel plans. Practicality collided with our desire for new adventures, and we seized the chance to expand our horizons.

We aren’t full-time RVers right now (although we won’t rule that out in the future). So we don’t need a big one-ton dually diesel truck for hauling around a huge full-timer-focused fifth-wheel trailer.

Finding the right truck: my criteria

I wanted something with high enough capacities to tow a very comfortable towable trailer for extended periods of time. So I was mostly focusing my search on gas-powered ¾ ton trucks. Trucks like Ford F250, Ram 2500, and Chevy/GMC 2500.

And rather than a newer, loaded truck, what I really wanted was a more basic truck. One without the latest technologies… as just like with RVs “it’s more stuff to break”. Yeah, maybe I’m becoming an old dude ahead of my time, but give me analog over digital any day.

It is a 2009 Ford F250 XL Supercab 4×4 (gas) with a long bed, and in amazing shape for its age.

What is our Truck? And the story behind it?

When I called the seller, Derek, he explained he had just inherited it from his father. His dad lived on a small farm in Wyoming and bought a heavy-duty truck because he wanted it to outlast him, and it did. The truck was garage kept, always serviced at the local dealership.

The standard 2009 Ford F250 is rated for a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 15,000 pounds. Our truck has a 4.10 axle ratio and a 6.8L V10 engine with automatic transmission. Plus, it has the optional 9,600 GVWR rating and the towing package.

Specs: What can we tow with our Ford F250 truck?

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