Episode 7: Finishing Touches | Ultimate RV Makeover

As mentioned in Episode 6, the RV renovation is about 85% complete at this stage. It all looks relatively finished at first glance. But there is a lot of detail work and finishing touches yet to be done.

This post will share some of those last projects before final design touches. We will also share a walk through of the design plans for back section of the RV including the bathroom and bedroom.

The small additional water faucet mounts to the countertop near our sink and blends in beautifully with the rest of the design. When in use a blue light at the base confirms that it is working properly.

Adding water purification for our drinking water

Under the counter, there is an additional water filter, a flow restrictor, and the UV purification unit. It is relatively easy to install, and now we have super safe water available at the tap at any time.

We thought up a creative, simple, and inexpensive solution to replace the nine ceiling fixtures. Cutting 1” x 8” boards to the length to cover the opening, then sanding down the edges and painting them to match the cabinets.

New Ceiling Lighting

We drilled out circular holes in them to mount LED puck lights we bought from our friends lighting studio Splashlight. This is also where we got our dining room chandelier from, and the LED strip lighting with dimmer switches for under the cabinets.

This project involved removing the old one, breaking out the remaining tile flooring, prepping and installing the new floor, then the new toilet. The job took the majority of the day, and was not finished until after midnight.

Installing a New Toilet

We removed the glass and brass shower door and replaced it with a colorful shower curtain. The curtain ties in with the rest of the design of the RV, and also provides better privacy.

Bathroom Design Finishing Touches

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