Fuel Costs Over 6 Years of Full Time RV Life

Oh, how we’d love a dollar every time we’re asked: “How much do you spend on fuel for your RV!?” The answer, of course, depends on many things, including how many miles we drive.

But we did the math after six years of full-timing and think the answer may surprise you! Here’s our in-depth report on fuel costs – we hope you find the info share helpful as you plan and budget for your RV life.

Many people we meet assume that fuel must be a huge expense for full-time RVers like us because of how much traveling we do.

Don't You Spend A Fortune On Fuel Costs?

To give you an idea, in the year 2015 alone (our first full calendar year on the road), we traveled to 3 corners of the country, driving 8,400 miles in the RV and 8,500 in our towed vehicle (a total of 16,900 miles) visiting 33 states along the way!

That must have cost a fortune, right? Not really!

According to Car and Driver, the average person in America drives around 13,500 miles yearly – well over 1,000 miles per month. So that means a couple with two cars would typically drive a combined 27,000 miles per year.

American Average Miles Traveled

To put this into perspective, we drive about the same or fewer miles each year (with our RV and towed vehicle combined) compared to most American couples who mostly drive to work and run errands.

Since 2014, we have driven well over 50,000 miles in our two motorhomes, visiting all 50 USA states (48 of them with our RV and several states multiple times). We’ve also driven across southern Canada some, but we’ve never taken the RV into Mexico.

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