5 Lessons We Learned Running from a Hurricane, Driving and GPS Fails

For the most part, our RV travel days tend to go pretty smoothly. But this was one of those days that ended up being both a comedy of errors and an adventure in itself!

While we managed to keep a good sense of humor with everything turning out OK in the end, it wasn’t without a few close calls, stressful moments, and a couple of hours of wasted time. Here’s the story, and five lessons we learned from this experience!

If you know bad weather is on the way, especially dangerous conditions that may pose a risk, pack up and move to a safer location ahead of time.

Lesson #1: Avoid Bad Weather (Like Hurricanes) Whenever You Can

Don’t enter a driveway/parking lot without first knowing what your route and exit is going to be.

Lesson #2: Never enter the driveway of a parking lot without knowing your route and exit point

When trip planning, an RV GPS can be a useful tool, but don’t rely on it exclusively. You also need to pay attention to road signs.

Lesson #3: Don’t Rely Solely on your GPS! Pay Attention to Road Signs Too

Make sure you always have plenty of gas. Not only in your RV, but also your tow vehicle. Keep it filled enough to drive a reasonable distance, should you need to drive it en route.

Lesson #4: Pay Attention to Your Fuel Gauge!

Always have dinner ready ahead of time on driving days. You never know if you will encounter an unexpected situation or delay. And you don’t want to end up hangry.

Lesson #5: Have Meals Ready for Travel Days

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