Lessons Learned from 14 RV Factory Tours

We could learn as much as we could in a short, focused timeframe. Over 9 days, we drove over 1,000 miles, visited 4 states, did over a dozen RV factory tours.

Let’s jump into our 10 key learnings and takeaways from more than a dozen RV factory tours and 9 days in the RV Capital of the World!

The overriding message we got loud and clear was that the RV business is booming!

The RV Industry is Booming

This is a stark contrast to the darkest days of 2008-2010 when so many RV manufacturers closed their doors or struggled to stay afloat. The RV industry has made quite a turnaround in recent years.

We quickly found that the majority of RVs and RV manufacturing processes actually have quite a lot in common. This is regardless of brand and price point.

Most RVs Have A Lot In Common

There are certainly differences, especially in higher-priced RVs. But generally speaking, RVs still all have a lot more in common than they would probably like to admit. They all like to think they are unique, different or better than their competitors.

You might be surprised to learn that nearly all of the manufacturers build these RVs in relatively low-tech metal sheds.

RVs Are Mostly Built By Hand in Sheds

They integrate additional efficiencies by having cabinets and other furniture pieces built off the main assembly line. Allowing them to be inserted and secured on the main line instead of completely assembled in place.

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