New RV Awning Replacement Fabric and Slide Topper

We’re continuing to make upgrades and improvements to our motorhome CC. With the interior makeover complete, the exterior is now getting some RV “love”!

It was time to replace the RV awning fabric and slide topper. Are you ready for a dramatic “before and after” transformation?

In early 2018 we bought a much older, 1999 Country Coach Motorhome, and about 6 months later a complete interior RV Makeover which we love. Now, we’re focused on improving the exterior of the coach, starting with the RV awnings.

First up – appearance. When we bought the coach, all of the RV awnings and slide topper were completely mis-matched. Different fabric types, colors, and different ages too.

Our RV Awning Problems

We opted for a high quality vinyl awning material that would be much stronger, waterproof, tear proof, UV and mildew resistant.

Upgrading to Better Quality and Matching Fabric

Yes, most people install their replacement fabric as a DIY project. Tough Top Awnings makes the RV awnings and slide toppers and ships them direct to you.

Can You Do This Job Yourself?

The installation of all 4 replacement fabrics, with me and Tyler working together, took less than 2 hours. But he does these all the time so he’s fast as he knows exactly what to do.

Installing Our New Tough Top RV Awnings

We knew they would look so much better – with a uniform, matching color and fabric around the coach. But our new awnings and topper also perform so much better now, too.

The Result

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