9 Key Lessons Learned After 9 Years of RV Life and Travels

After nine years of RVing, logging over 100,000 miles, and experiencing more adventures than we can count, we’ve learned a thing or two about life on the open road.

Here, we share our insights and tips for making the most of your RV life and travels. Buckle up and join us on this journey through nine key lessons we’ve gathered over nine years of RVing.

RV life has taught us that the ability to roll with the punches – while keeping a sense of humor – builds confidence, creates a greater sense of independence, and makes the journey much smoother.

Adaptability is Key

Learning to let go of the ‘stuff’ you don’t really need brings a freeing sense of lightness and joy. Of course, learning to live with less will also save you money.

Embrace Minimalism

RVers comes from all walks of life, but there’s a shared bond – especially among full-timers and extended travelers –  in our love for travel, freedom, and adventure.

Community is Everywhere

If you maintain your RV properly, it will protect your investment, making it easier to sell, and bringing a higher resale value when it’s time for a change.

Maintenance Matters

Planning your route takes time, and is an essential part of the journey, but so is being open to spontaneous adventures.

Plan, But Stay Open

One of the big challenges of the RV life is maintaining connectivity, both for practical reasons (like work and communication) and to keep up with the world at large.

Balance Connectivity and Disconnect

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