Our RV weight loss journey

It’s time to admit we have a weight problem. It’s not easy to share it publicly, but we’ve all been there.

You try to be so good but darn it, those extra pounds just seem to sneak up on you so easily!

When we first bought our RV and started moving into it, we were trying to be mindful of  our weight limitations, but with every item we thought we absolutely HAD to take with us, it all added up.

It all started from Day One

We had been traveling about four months before finding our way onto a scale. We weighed the front axle, then the back and added them up. Oh no! We were a bit overweight – by a few hundred pounds!

A couple weeks later we found another scale, which showed us in the same weight range, it indeed confirmed we were overweight.

We put the RV on a CAT Scale to get an actual number of pounds we needed to reduce and sure enough, we were 500 pounds (227 kg) overweight!

Weight Loss Program

We started going through every storage cabinet, cupboard and basement bay because we had a LOT of weight to lose.

The items that we dropped off weighed 329 pounds already. It was a lot of “extra” stuff like Extra books, floor jack, exercise hand weights and more.

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