Our 4 Down Towing Set Up: Part 2 –  Braking System

In Part 2 of our series about 4-down flat towing, we discuss the different types of braking systems, as well as what specific braking solution we chose and why.

We share some specific information about our toad which may help you be aware of any special needs of other towed vehicles you may be considering.

Four down towing systems like the one we have costs around $4,000 all up installed.

Let's jump into towing braking systems

That includes the tow bar, braking system, wiring for lights, brackets, locks, and all of the related professional labor for the installation.

If you ever need to stop quickly, having a little extra help can make all the difference between a close call and an accident.

Why You Need a Braking System for Your TOAD

You can adjust the sensitivity and strength of most braking systems for towed vehicles. This allows you set up the system so that both vehicles do the appropriate percentage of the work.

Progressive systems activate the brakes on the towed vehicle any time you touch the brake pedal of the towing vehicle.

Types of Braking Systems- Progressive braking systems

Progressive braking systems

Proportional systems provide equal pressure to the braking systems of the two vehicles.

Proportional braking systems

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