Our 4-Down Vehicle Towing Setup: Part 1 – Tow Bar

Right after we announced the purchase of our new Jeep, we immediately began getting questions about how we tow it. Obviously, we weren’t going to be towing our Jeep with a tow dolly!

Our new tow bar can be a great fit for almost any vehicle that is able to be towed four down. So we also show step-by-step how we connect the tow bar, and how long it takes to get you familiar with the process.

Traditional tow bars require you to be relatively level and straight before connecting or disconnecting your towed vehicle.

Regular vs Non-binding Tow Bars

A non-binding or all-terrain tow bar is far more forgiving. They allow you to easily disconnect your vehicle when facing downhill, on extreme turn angles, and on uneven terrain.

The main tow bar remains connected to our RV pretty much all the time in the hitch. But, there was some special installation required on our Jeep.

What's involved with tow bar installation?

They needed to install the tow brackets onto the Jeep. This required temporarily removing the front bumper. They also needed to cut small holes in the existing bodywork for the brackets to come through from the frame.

It takes under 2 minutes to hook the tow bar up to the Jeep at a comfortable pace – not rushing. And it also takes less than 2 minutes to disconnect the towbar.

How long does it take to connect / disconnect the tow bar?

What takes the most time is the process we have to go through to put our Jeep into neutral, to make it tow-ready. Again, we’re covering that in more detail in Part 2.

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