Price For RV Rentals vs Owning an RV?

Dreaming of RV adventures and wondering if it makes more sense to rent an RV – or buy one? The price of RV rentals, and the cost of RV ownership, will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.

Photo Credit: Tati McAlister

We’ll dive into upfront costs, ongoing costs, and other factors you need to consider. Whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast or an RV lifestyle newbie, this will provide you with valuable insights to help you decide which option is best for you.

One of the biggest factors in the price of RV rentals is the type of RV and what it costs to purchase one.

The Type of RV and its Value

For example, a new small towable travel trailer might only cost $25,000 to buy. But a new Class A luxury diesel pusher motorhome can easily cost $250,000 up to more than $2Million dollars. Buying an RV also entails paying taxes and registration.

Consider that if you rent a towable RV, you also need to have a vehicle that is capable of towing it. Otherwise, your rental RV can be a stationary RV rental.

Towing an RV vs Stationary RV Rental

RVs generally require much more maintenance than cars, real estate, and other types of rentals. From our RV ownership experience, RV maintenance has been one of our highest costs.

RV Maintenance, Insurance, and Cleaning

OK, so now you understand there are a lot of factors impacting the price of RV rentals. Many of these also relate to the cost of owning an RV.

Is An RV Rental Good Value When Compared To Owning An RV?

– purchase price – taxes and registration – finance and interest – insurance, roadside assistance and more.

RV Ownership Costs include But are NOT limited to:

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