Price We Pay to Work. Balance, Health & Freedom

It’s only May and already it’s been a big year. I got really sick (again), quit my job, we started a new business. And we’re about to enter our 4th year of full-time RVing.

Time to talk about work-life balance, health challenges, and how our life continues to change in response to our desire for more freedom.

For the first time in over a year, I was finally able to sit and reflect on my journey navigating remote working from an RV.

You could say I’ve had a very diverse career, with a job history that looks something like this: marketing brand analyst, IT variant configurator, project manager. And most recently, Director of Operations for a nutritional supplements company.

The price we pay to work

Most of those roles, as it is for most other people, required me to be physically present to do my job. But as technology advanced, I began seeing more and more jobs that people were able to do from home.

I’m an introvert, so I need down time to recharge my batteries. I’ve also found that I am most productive in a very quiet environment.

Work environments for an introvert

The idea of working from home just made sense to me. And not just for my own benefit. Sure, I loved the idea of avoiding the time wasted on commutes, and the expense of buying clothes specifically for work.

I started giving more serious consideration to finding a new role. One with a more progressive company that would be more aligned with my interests and aspirations and enable me to work remotely.

The change begins

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