Quartzsite Arizona Boondocking and Big Tent RV Show

Each year in January brings a huge attraction for RVers from all over the country to the eclectic little desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona: the famous “Big Tent RV Show”.

In this guide, we share a ton of useful information to help you prepare for a trip to Quartzsite, the show, and boondocking in the desert.

The big tent show is held at the Tyson Wells show grounds and features over 200 vendors of all things RV-related (and some non RV-related). All under one of the biggest tents you’ve ever seen.

The Quartzsite Big Tent RV Show

The standard short term Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas, are free and have a 14-day maximum stay. They are located mainly north and west of town.

Where to find boondocking / dispersed camping in Quartzsite?

Then, you have the BLM Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA’s) just south of the town, on both the east and west sides of Highway 95. In the LTVA’s you can stay September through April for a very reasonable fee.

At the BLM 14-day areas, there are campground hosts near the entrances to check you in.

Camping in the 14-day BLM camping areas

If no-one is available, or it is after-hours, you can just go settle into a site and come back the next morning to check in and get the permit to post up in your RV window.

The advantages of the LTVA’s are a two-lane dump station, a separate “blue-boy” tote dump station, four potable water fill stations (both of those at the La Posa South LTVA), and trash dumpsters available in each LTVA area.

Services available at the Long Term (LTVA) areas

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