VIAIR 450P-RV Portable Automatic Air Compressor Review 

Keeping your tires properly inflated is key to safety on the road. This is especially true for bigger vehicles such as RVs and motorhomes.

So when VIAIR invited us to review their 450P-RV portable, automatic air compressor we jumped right on it.

VIAIR makes a wide range of higher end quality air compressors. This 450P-RV model was specifically designed with RV needs in mind.

What makes it better than others is the higher quality components, better air flow, enhanced features, greater flexibility, increased ease of use and lower noise.

If you’re an avid RVer like we are, you would likely find that either the 450P or the 450 model would suit well for your needs. Both of these are quality products that do the job VERY well.

- 150psi max pressure - Pumps 1.8 cubic feet per minute at low pressure - Pumps 0.8 cubic feet per minute at 130psi - Can run continuously for up to 40 minutes - Auto-shut off when at pressure


VIAIR makes some of the best quality portable, automatic air compressors on the market. I love how quick and easy it is to inflate my tires. The attachments makes it easier to reach my valves.

What I like about it

The VIAIR is a noticeably higher quality unit than the cheap one I picked up from Harbor Freight a few years ago.

How does it compare to our old unit?

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