Episode 2: What Are We Going To Do? Ultimate RV Makeover

It may be our RV, and Marc may be the man behind CC’s wheel, but when it comes to our RV makeover, Jane is in the driver’s seat!

We were excited to hear Jane’s thoughts and ideas, as she had been an integral part of designing three of Julie’s previous homes, plus the last home Julie and I owned in Colorado, before hitting the road.

We divided the RV up into “zones” and honed in on the key changes we wanted to make to each of them.

In this area, we decided to create a workspace in the driver seat area, popping a desk top on the steering wheel, to make the most of the space when we are not driving.

Front Cockpit / Driving Area

The plan is to completely remove the original dinette and build a new L-Shaped dining area with separate table. We don’t need big seating or sleeping capacity in the dining room, as it is usually just Julie and I.

Dining Area

The consensus was that we would easily update the kitchen (as with the rest of the coach) with fresh paint, new hardware, and new faucet. It was a unanimous decision to remove the beveled mirrored backsplash and replace it with new tile.


One of the largest visual impacts of the RV Makeover will be when we rip up all the carpet and tile and replace it with dramatically different flooring. The new flooring will flow through the entire RV.

Main Living Room Area

We planned to replace the mirrored backsplash, sink, and faucet in the bathroom. Maybe even add a bright, bold color to the area.


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