RV Camping Costs over 6 years of Full-Time RVing

RV camping is one of the biggest expenses for any RVer. So exactly how much did we spend on camping during six years as full-time RVers traveling North America?

We’ve done every kind of RV camping – from RV parks to boondocking – and tracked the costs. Then calculated our average nightly camping rates, year over year.

First, Let’s dive into the total cost of our full-time RV camping. Then break it down for you to provide more context and detail on HOW we camped each year.

– Total RV camping expenses      over six years of full-time      RV travel = $34,145 – Annual average = $5,690      per year – Monthly average = $474      per month – Daily average = $16.63 per      night (based on 2014-2020      annual averages)

The most we paid for a campground during these six years was $146 at Boyd’s of Key West in March 2019. Our lowest nightly fee was $10 at Pioneer Park in Wellington, TX. And, of course, most (not all) boondocking is free.

When you consider that an average campground nightly stay ranges between about $35 – $55 a night these days, we feel that our average turned out to be pretty good. Even being extremely conservative and estimating a nightly camping fee of $30, we still came in at just over half of that.

How much do camping sites cost?

We have a few camping memberships that have helped us save on camping fees. But the two biggest factors that contributed to our overall campground savings are:

How did we save on our nightly RV camping costs?

– Our Thousand Trails      membership. We purchased a      Zone Camping Pass before we      hit the road in 2014. Then      upgraded our membership a      few months later. – Our off-grid system with lithium      batteries and solar panels.      Installing this system in May     2018 enabled us to boondock      more extensively and      comfortably.

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