7 RV Hacks to Avoid Accidents in the Campground

Ever witnessed an accident inside the campground? We recently saw a departing RV hit a stationary RV parked at their campsite. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But it did cause thousands of dollars of damage.

And ended up being an expensive inconvenience that could have easily been avoided with some extra care. We'll share some RV driving and parking tips and hacks to help you avoid a crash in the campground!

Whether you’re renting or buying an RV, choose the smallest one you and your travel companions can be comfortable in. The larger the RV, the more difficult it will be to drive.

When it comes to RVs, size really matters!

Calculate your tail swing by measuring the distance between your rear axle to the rear bumper of your RV and dividing by 3.

Watch out for your tail swing

Stay at least that distance away from any object if you know you’ll be turning, to maintain a safe clearance.

If you’re driving a big rig or are otherwise uncomfortable backing your RV into your campsite, simply book a pull-through site at the campground.

Pay close attention to RV site selection

This will allow you to easily drive right in, then drive right out again. You may not even need to unhook your vehicle (if you are towing).

Review the campground map first to determine the most efficient route to your campsite and ensure you’re coming up the correct way on the street so you can properly navigate your RV into your campsite.

Do Proper Route Planning, Even Within Campground

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