RV Lithium Battery Upgrade? Easy Drop-in Replacement

Ever worried about running out of power during your RV trips? If so, it may be time to upgrade to a lithium battery.

With benefits including longer lifespan, increased efficiency, and lighter weight. Switching to lithium can be a game changer for your RV life.

In case you are not already familiar with RV lithium batteries and why RVers are swapping their original lead acid batteries for lithium, here is a quick list of why they are superior.

RV Lithium Battery Upgrade Benefits

– Dramatically lighter weight than similarly sized lead acid batteries – Significantly more available power from the same size – Much longer battery life or charging cycles (better value over time) and more.

Let’s dive into the details of the two simple and relatively inexpensive drop-in replacement battery upgrades we did on our two most recent RVs.

Two Simple Drop-in Replacement Upgrades To Lithium Batteries

RV Lithium Battery Upgrade #1: Casita Camper

By upgrading the lead acid battery in our Casita to a 100 Amp hour Battle Born lithium battery, we more than doubled the available power (2.3 times).

All I needed to do was unlock the bay, remove two bolts, and slide the old battery out. Then I simply detached the battery cables from the old battery, connected them to the new battery, and put the battery back into the bay.

Drop-in Install: Upgrading Casita RV battery to lithium

Installation of this drop-in battery replacement – and battery monitor – for the Casita camper took less than an hour to do myself. The 100ah Battle Born lithium battery we chose costs just over $900 and more than doubled the available power.

How much did it all cost? How long did it take?

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