RV Rental Q&A – Your RV Rental Questions Answered

RV rentals are in the news everywhere we are turning these days. The word is out that RVs are the safest way to travel while still maintaining control of your environment. It is a re-birth of the North American road trips.

For those who don’t already have an RV, the next best thing is to rent an RV. We wanted to answer some of the most common questions about renting RVs.

Sporting events, nascar, tailgating at football, concerts. Maybe temporary housing when your regular home is damaged, or under construction. Some rent them for relocating in comfort especially if one of the passengers needs to lay down.

Why Rent An RV?

We also think RV rentals are a great tool as part of RV shopping, or to feel out the type of travel before investing too heavily. It is great to pretend you are living in it at a dealers lot, but there is noting like really living in one for a few days to get the true experience.

In our research, we found RV rentals for under $100/night and over $5,000/night, but most seemed to range from $100 – $250 per night. Some class A motorhomes went up to around $500/night.

How Much Does an RV Rental Cost?

Unfortunately, this is not a black and white answer, and will depend greatly on where you rent from. But, it is very possible to have everything you need included in the rental.

What Is Included When You Rent An RV?

RV insurance, roadside assistance, kitchen pots, pans and dishes, linens, bbq, etc. Some rental companies might even offer an upgrade to have an RV safe GPS. But our advice would be to simply buy and use RV Trip Wizard and their related RVLIFE app that has RV Safe GPS built in.

In most cases, these add ons are separate charges. So if you don’t need some of them because you are doing a local trip, you won’t need to pay extra. There are no real universal rules. Our best advice to this question is simply to ASK. Study the RV rental listing.

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