Episode 3: Tearing Our RV Apart! | Ultimate RV Makeover

Now it is time to pick up our tools, get dirty and literally start tearing our RV apart.

Once you have a plan for your RV renovation, the next step is putting it into place. When it comes to renovating, there is a lot of demolition and removal that needs to happen before anything new can be brought in.

One of the first items moved out of the RV were the driver and passenger seats!  Yep… CC isn’t going anywhere until we finish this remodel.

Removing Furniture and Stuff

Next out came our workspaces, TV, and anything else that would be in the way. Those powered Ultraleather captains chairs may be comfy, but they are really heavy and awkward to maneuver out of the RV.

The bulk of the carpet came up surprisingly easy. We had been warned by others that there would be hundreds of staples. At first, it seemed there would not be too many. And we definitely had many that came up with the carpet.

Ripping up the Carpet

The most important tools we used for carpet removal were razor knives and wonder bars. And a lot of elbow grease. Spending so much time on hands and knees, knee pads proved to be a saving grace, as well as a weight belt which supported my back.

Once the carpet was out, we tackled the tile. I had originally envisioned breaking them out with a pry bar. It only took a few tiles before I got frustrated with the time and effort involved. So I just started smashing them with a hammer.

Busting Out the Tile

Lo and behold. The tiles came up so much easier by just smashing the crap out them. It was messy and noisy, but also a really great tension breaker and stress reliever.

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