The Final Reveal | Ultimate RV Makeover

The moment has arrived. Time to reveal the final results of our Ultimate RV Makeover with before and after shots of CC’s transformation into our ultimate home and office on wheels.

During the renovation, our core team worked long hours every day for 23 days, and continued with shorter days for a few more weeks knocking out the punch list. We had additional help contributing many hours as well. But the results are truly amazing.

We couldn’t stand the large TV mounted above the driver seat on a swinging arm, and removed it the first day we owned the RV

Technology Changes

But, having power outlets in the cupboards above the windshield opened up another great solution. We were able to use those cabinets as a charging station for our tech gear.

The most impactful visual change was to the window boxes. This was a big job. Danelle and Jane spent a couple full days recovering the top fabric on all window boxes for the main living area.

Window Boxes and Shades

While updating the window boxes, we also updated the window shades inside them. The original pleated shades were cumbersome to operate. And the dusty rose color no longer fit with our fresh new interior colors.  We ordered simple roller shades from select blinds.

The dining area saw a complete rip and replacement starting with the dinette. The original dinette was well built, but bulky. We didn’t need the original ability to convert the space to additional sleeping.

Dining Area

The new design allows your eye to flow all the way through the living and dining areas. This makes the area a major focus and also appears significantly larger.

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