The Next Solar Eclipses In The US: 2023 and 2024

One of the most unique and memorable experiences of our RV travel was witnessing a total solar eclipse in 2017.

Over the next year, there will be two solar eclipses happening in the US. An Annular Solar Eclipse in October 2023 and a Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024.

Both the Annular Solar Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse are indeed rare and special events to witness. The next major eclipse in the US after these two eclipses isn’t expected until after 2030.

The next solar eclipse in the United States will happen on October 14th, 2023. This will be an Annular Solar Eclipse, which creates the famed ‘ring of fire’ image. After that, the next Total Solar Eclipse in the US will be on April 8th, 2024.

When is the next solar eclipse in the US?

It will be viewable in many states across the US. It will be viewed first in Oregon. Then it will go across the US and finish near Corpus Christi Texas.

Where can I see the next solar eclipse?

Photo credit: Michael Zeiler

A solar eclipse is created when the moon comes between the sun and the Earth. This places part of the Earth in a shadow and partially obscures the view of the sun.

What causes a solar eclipse?

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A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely covers the view of the Sun. This view is only available if you are within the path of totality.

What is the difference between a partial, annular, and total solar eclipse?

An annular, or ring-like, solar eclipse is one in which the Moon nearly blocks the entire sun, but the Moon is too far from the Earth. So, it does not fully cover the sun.

Annular Solar Eclipse

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