What is the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Upgrade?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Thousand Trails’ new Adventure membership upgrade.

What are the benefits? How is it different from other membership options? Is it worth the investment?

The Adventure membership is the newest, biggest and best RV camping membership available from Thousand Trails.

What is the Adventure Membership?

This new Adventure offering is the top of the RV camping membership food chain, offering the most benefits, the greatest flexibility, and with the widest range of reciprocal program benefits.

If you’ve been looking for any or all of the following, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about the Adventure membership:

What's the big deal about the new Thousand Trails Adventure membership?

– More freedom and flexibility in      camping options. – Longer advance reservation      window to secure preferred      dates. – Greater access to better      properties, with nicer      amenities. – Camp more often, with less      time out of the system.

– Access to even more RV      resorts and destination      campgrounds with full      hookups. – More of a premium camping      experience. – Longer stays – during peak      and off peak periods. – Access to more      campgrounds nationally,      including outside of the      Thousand Trails network.

We’ll assume you’re already somewhat familiar with Thousand Trails, how it works, and the other membership options. So let’s jump right into the juicy details of what you’ll get with this membership.

What are the benefits of the Thousand Trails Adventure membership upgrade?

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