The Shocking Tale of Our Totaled RV! 

Plus 15 Lessons For Every RVer

Believe it or not, our ‘new to us’ RV met its end before we could even hitch it to our trusty truck, let alone embark on our first adventure. The disbelief and shock were palpable, but we’ve always believed that every event, no matter how jarring, comes with a silver lining.

Dive into our story of the RV that was no longer destined for the open road. And take away the 15 invaluable lessons we’ve distilled from this saga.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event where the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky. It’s an optical illusion, occurring three to four times a year, and lasting about three weeks.

Lesson #1: Don't Mess with Mercury....

Often linked to communication mishaps, technological glitches, travel delays, and challenges in decision-making, there’s no scientific proof behind these associations. However, those who heed its effects often double-check details, avoid significant decisions, and embrace patience during this period.

It’s just a fact of RV life… things are going to break.

Lesson #2: Keep Calm and Remember it's an RV

The RV we found happened to be a fifth wheel. This meant I would need to install a hitch in the bed of the truck. I really didn’t want to drill holes in my truck, but fifth wheels really do tow so much better.

Lesson #3: Be Sure You Need a Fifth Wheel Hitch Before Drilling Holes in Your Truck Bed

I ordered the hitch, which was due to arrive on Thursday August 17th. I planned to install it then drive to Reno over the weekend, and meet Bob on Monday 21st to finalize the transaction.

Lesson #4: Plan for Everything to Take Longer Than You Expect

But the hitch didn’t arrive on Thursday. Or Friday. I texted Bob to let him know we’d have to push our pickup date back, and we agreed on Wednesday morning. I just had to be patient, and remind myself that things often take longer than expected. Especially in RV life.

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