Access 110 Encore RV Parks with Trails Collection

In August 2017, Thousand Trails introduced the Trails Collection camping option that can be added to ANY Thousand Trails membership. That means Zone Passes AND any/all of the upgrade options.

The Trails Collection essentially makes many Encore RV Parks available to Thousand Trails members for free (after purchase). Encore and Thousand Trails are owned by the same company, Equity Lifestyle Properties.

There is NO nightly fee for 92 of the properties. But for 18 of the higher-end/more popular Encore properties such as San Francisco RV Resort, Marina Dunes, Sunshine Key, and Miami, to name a few, there is a $20 per night fee, plus taxes.

Nightly Fees for Trails Collection

The retail rates for these particular RV Resorts can be well over $100 a night. So, this still makes for an excellent deal. The Trails Collection is essentially a group of Encore Properties. Not all of them, but 110 of them, which is a significant number.

– 110 Encore RV parks are added      to your Thousand Trails     membership – When combined with Thousand    Trails parks, you gain access to     a total of up to 191     campgrounds/RV parks     nationwide

Features and Benefits of the Trails Collection

– You can stay up to 14 nights      at a time at any park – There is no fee to stay at 92      of the Encore RV Parks in      the Trails Collection. But 18      parks charge a nightly fee of      $20 + tax – You can make advance      reservations up to 60 days      in advance

What we find interesting is that even those with a single annual Zone Camping Pass (one Zone/region costs $670 per year as of February 2023) will be able to add the 110 Trails Collection (Encore) parks NATIONALLY onto their membership.

Trails Collection for Zone Pass

If you want longer stays (up to 21 nights) and have the ability to go park-to-park with no time out of the Thousand Trails system, you will want to consider an upgrade option.  Upgrades like the Elite, Elite Connections, and Adventure.

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