Unboxing and Review of our New RV Mattress

One of the very first upgrades we made to our “new to us” motorhome CC was ordering a custom new RV mattress.

The RV didn’t come with one, and we had sold our first RV with the mattress included. So getting a new one became top priority!

• a base layer that is 5 1/2 inch soy-based high density foam and that’s for support • an air flow layer that is a convolute foam layer that allows air to enter and exit the sides of the bed

The layers that our new RV mattress is composed of

• the top layer, which is a one inch, four pound quality gel memory foam, and that sleeps a couple of degrees cooler than traditional memory foam

All of these foam layers are then glued together in their factory. They use an environmentally friendly water-based adhesive and then cover the whole thing in an organic cotton zippered and removable cover.

- they’re made in the USA and don’t have any toxic fumes (ie. VOCs) - their mattresses are very eco-friendly - they have an organic cotton cover

What we like about it

The mattress arrives in a box that makes it easy to carry. Once you unbox it and take off the wrapping, the mattress starts to unroll itself.

How the new RV mattress arrives

We use a moisture barrier to go along with our mattress. It really creates a lot of air space under the mattress, which we think is important in this coach because our bed actually sits right above the engine.

AireFlow moisture barrier

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