The Ups and Downs of our RV weight loss journey

OK, it’s time to admit we have a weight problem. It’s not easy to share it publicly, but we’ve all been there. You try to be so good but darn it, those extra pounds just seem to sneak up on you so easily!

Sigh. Body weight, RV weight. The battle of the bulge never ends. Here’s our RV weight loss journey. Go grab a low calorie beverage and settle in – it’s a long story.

When we first bought our RV and started moving into it, we were trying to be mindful of our weight limitations (22,000 lb).

It all started from Day One

But with every item we thought we absolutely HAD to take with us, thinking “This doesn’t weigh too much, it will be OK if we bring that”… it all added up.

Weight is a big concern, and not just because it requires more fuel to lug it around. It can also make your RV ride unevenly, and strain the suspension, tires, and braking ability.

In theory, we should have had over 3,000 pounds available for people, water, and cargo. This is why it was so eye-opening to me when we discovered our RV was overweight.

Weight Loss Program #1: June 2015

We carry a few extra items. But it isn’t like we are traveling with a rock collection, a home gym, or cases of beverages. We got busy and really dug deep to offload the non-essentials.

You’d be surprised how 20-40 small and seemingly light items can add up to some big weight savings. Fortunately, it’s just the two of us. So I didn’t have to make any tough decisions about leaving other people behind!

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