What We Wish We Knew Before We Started RVing

We asked some of our fellow full-time RVing friends to share what they wish they knew before they started RVing.

From motorhomes to towables to trucks, each couple shares their experience, regrets and tips to help others considering the RV lifestyle. Whether as a vacationer, snowbird or full-timer.

Tom and Cait from Mortons on the Move say they wish they knew they didn’t really need as big of an RV as they originally thought.

Tom and Cait

After realizing they carried around too much stuff, they had to downsize their RV from a 41 foot fifth wheel to a 33 foot fifth wheel. 2023 update: Now they often travel in a very nimble off-road truck camper.

Lisa and Dan from Always On Liberty explain how they wish they had bought an older, pre-owned unit over a brand new one. They faced a big depreciation loss when they realized a new RV didn’t fit their needs living out of their unit full time.

Lisa and Dan

Their advise is to shop around and to be sure of what floor plan you want.

Gary and Stacey from PauHana Travels say do your research! Figure out what you want to do, how you want to use the rig, and where you want to go. They suggest getting into the rig and testing out the features of the RV.

Gary and Stacey

Brian and Christie from Spot the Scotts recommend taking your time on researching and shopping. Also, be open on trying out different types of RVs. Lastly, newer doesn’t always necessarily mean better.

Brian and Christie

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