When to Buy an RV Warranty For Best Value

RV warranties are about to see a price rise on January 1st, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether it’s a good time to buy one now, before that happens. Model years will also change – is your RV eligible?

When it comes to RV warranty protection, there’s a lot to consider. The whats, wheres, and whens, can be overwhelming. As always, getting educated is key to making the right decisions for your RV lifestyle.

There’s a lot to this question, so we sat down with industry expert Jeff Shelton, Owner and CEO of Wholesale Warranties – to get the answers on everything related to timing of RV warranties.

WHEN should I buy an RV warranty?

Generally speaking, the older a rig is, the more likely it is to suffer a mechanical breakdown. Therefore, the cost of protecting yourself against repair bills goes up!

Why exactly do RV warranties change on January 1st of each new year? And how do they change?

I think this is an important distinction to make: it isn’t necessarily that the cost of the policy itself is going up. But the cost of protecting your unit is, with the rising costs of parts and labor.

What factors directly impact RV warranty price rises?

It’s best to think in terms of our model year eligibility. Motorhomes and towable RVs aged 15 model years old and newer will have an option for coverage with Wholesale Warranties.

So, what RVs WILL be eligible for coverage come January 1, 2023?

When your rig is brand new, the extended RV warranty companies will allow you to lock in the best pricing and the longest terms available.

What are the benefits of buying an RV extended warranty when you buy a new RV?

Generally speaking, the best per-year value you’ll get is on the longest-term policy available.

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