Where RVs Go To Die: RV Salvage Yard Lessons

While searching for some used RV parts for our motorhome, we were recommended to check out a considerable RV salvage yard called Visone RV Parts in Kentucky.

Visone RV Parts is massive. They claim to be the largest motorhome RV salvage yard in the world, focusing primarily on Class A motorhomes. Though we did see a handful of Class C’s and a lone Airstream.

They purchase damaged (salvage) motorhomes and haul them to their property to part them out. Engines, batteries, generators, fluids, and some interior parts are removed before putting the remaining chassis out into the yard.

Just like regular cars and homes, motorhomes are often damaged by accidents, fires, and even severe weather like floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

How Do Motorhomes End Up At An RV Salvage Yard

If damaged badly enough, after settling with the insured person, an insurance company will auction off the totaled RV. Visone has multiple semi-trucks to pick up these damaged RVs and transport them to their RV salvage yard.

When looking around the property, one might start to think that fridge and engine fires are common occurrences in motorhomes. And that’s pretty disconcerting, but that’s where you need to keep it in perspective instead of allowing the visual shock to take over your emotions.

If anything, it’s a powerful and sobering lesson about the importance of being safe, especially regarding RVs.

Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of motorhomes out on the road. And they have been around for decades. Only a small percentage of motorhomes meet their end this way.

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