Why did we set an RV on Fire?

This isn’t something you can go and do in your backyard safely. So, we dove into this multi-month project alongside Fire professionals from the area we were RVing in and the state-level officials too.

This was a big project, and we learned a lot. So it tells and shares a TON of great information with you.

We had this crazy idea that the best way to help others avoid loss and injury to fire with their RVs is by actually catching an RV on Fire on purpose.

The Crazy RV Fire Safety Idea

Before we can even begin considering setting an RV on fire on purpose, we need to make sure we could have the right people on hand to put the fire out.

Engaging the RV Fire Fighting Professionals

The more tricky part would be finding an RV that people watching the fire could relate to. It needed to be nice enough that people could imagine it being a normally functioning and regularly used RV.

Finding a Suitable RV To Burn

The best fit for our RV fire was this 1973 Winnebago Indian 22 motorhome.  The owners had some wonderful travels and memories with it for years after they bought it.

Which RV Did We Decide On?

Our first hope was to do the fire in or near a salvage yard so that the RV chassis would not need to be moved again once we were done.

Finding The RV Fire Location

Though we could buy the RV for one dollar, we couldn’t just drive off in our new RV. We had to hire a tow truck to drag it out of the field and up to the RV burn location.

Getting the RV to the Fire Site

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