Is Thousand Trails Worth it?

We share what Thousand Trails has cost us, how much we use it, and whether or not the money we’ve spent on our Thousand Trails membership has been worth it.

We have written a ton about Thousand Trails over the years, but this is the first time we’ve done such an extensive review after so many nights of camping.

Passport America, Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, Good Sam, Escapees, Coast to Coast. But the core of our camping membership arsenal is Thousand Trails.

What Camping Membership(s) do we Have?

We have spent a total of over 900 nights camping in the Thousand Trails network. That works out to be an average of 137 nights a year, or just over 4.5 months of the year.

Total Nights Stayed at Thousand Trails

-Total Thousand Trails Investment: $7,242 (over 6 years) -Total Nights of TT Camping: 823 -Average Annual Cost of our Thousand Trails membership: $1,207

How Much Has Thousand Trails Cost Us?

If we’d spent our average annual 137 nights of Thousand Trails camping at a non-Thousand Trails campground and paid $35 a night, it would have cost us $4,795 instead of $1,207.

How much has our Thousand Trails membership saved us?

So, based on that nightly fee, our Thousand Trails membership has been saving us around $3,588 a year. That’s a total saving of $21,538 over our 6 years of full time RVing.

Being able to camp at Thousand Trails campgrounds for only $8.80 a night – for just one third of each year for the past 6 years – has easily saved us over $21,000 so far.

Cost / Benefit Summary of Thousand Trails

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