Our California RV Trip Recap And Cost Comparison

We just wrapped up a nine-week California RV trip to escape the cold winter. Given California’s reputation for being so expensive, our expense report may surprise you!

Where did we stay? How many miles? And what was the total cost? Keep reading and get all these answers in our road trip stats, campgrounds, and average nightly cost.

We drove our RV 1,746 miles and our Jeep 2,867 miles for a combined 4,613 miles.

How many miles did we drive?

States visited: 4 RV Miles traveled: 1,746 approximately Nights stayed: 63 How long in each state: 60 nights in California, two nights in Utah, and one night in Nevada

Winter California RV Trip Stats

States visited: 16 Miles traveled: 8,500 approximately Nights stayed: 101 How long in each state: 65 nights in Florida, 9 nights in South Carolina, 8 nights in Arizona; the remaining 13 states were three nights or less.

For comparison, here are the same stats from our RV trip to Florida:

To maximize cost savings, we spent most of our time in our Thousand Trails membership parks. The vast majority of our trip was spent in and around the Palm Springs area.

Where Did We Stay On Our California RV Trip?

Like last year, most of our camping fees were spent at just a few RV parks. The lowest we paid was $15 for a boondocking spot at Joshua Tree National Park’s Belle Campground.

Varied costs

And fortunately, the majority had no nightly fee, with 52 nights spent at Thousand Trails Palm Springs (this actually cost us a total of $29 as we used our bonus week extension) and Palms Springs Oasis RV Resort.

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