RV Extended Warranties. Are They Worth it?

RV repairs can get expensive, stressful, and take some of the fun out of your RV lifestyle. That’s where an RV Extended Warranty may be worth considering – as a way of protecting you against these kinds of unknowns and hefty repair bills.

But they aren’t exactly cheap. This brings us to the million-dollar question. Are they worth it?

Whether it is the failure of a mechanical component, system, or appliance on your RV. An RV Extended Warranty is essentially a way to protect you from a major financial blow in the event of these failures.

What is an RV Extended Warranty?

In a way, it’s like buying insurance. Some say when you’re buying an RV warranty, you’re buying peace of mind. But it’s also different. You have to take out insurance on your RV. You don’t have to take out an extended warranty. That is optional.

An RV Extended Warranty is designed to cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns and repairs on your RV. Things like the repair costs of slide-outs, furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, appliances, engines, etc.

What does an RV Extended Warranty cover?

An exclusionary policy will cover everything (non-maintenance) related that is not specifically listed on your policy as not being included. An Inclusionary (or Listed Components) policy will only cover what is specified in the contract.

Buying the right TYPE of RV warranty is very important. Many of the complaints and bad reports you may read about RV warranties most likely come from people who did not understand their policy or bought the wrong kind of coverage.

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