What’s the Best RV Internet Setup?

Our internet setup gives us the freedom and fun of staying wireless and mobile!

Whether we’re staying in campgrounds, visiting national parks, or boondocking out on open land. And our system is able to ‘grow’ with us as our needs change.

If you’re an occasional, low-level internet user, you may be comfortable using public Wi-Fi networks and/or campground WiFi. But remember that while ‘free,’ these are almost always open, unsecured public wifi networks.

How To Get RV Internet Access On The Road?

When a solid internet connection is critical to you – say for work or online school for kids – you really need to bring your own internet solution with you as you travel.

These days, in most parts of the country, it is surprisingly easy to find decent internet coverage with the three major carriers. You can even find good cellular reception in some remote boondocking locations, where it’s less populated and therefore has less demand on the cellular towers!

You can use your smartphone and/or tablet to access the internet via the data plan with your cellular carrier. This can be a good option for checking email and social media, having FaceTime or Zoom calls, etc.

Smart Phones and Tablets

They are an access point for your other devices. They work quite well, but if left on for hours at a time, they can overheat (and be a fire hazard), batteries can swell, and you may need to reboot.

WiFi Hotspots, MiFis and Jetpacks

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